Dental Insurance Accepted
We make the important connection between "Oral Health" and "Overall Health"



 Smile Sensations' motto is: 

“You will always be Greeted With a Friendly Smile”   

Our success comes because we think deeply, feel strongly, and care passionately. We are never afraid to be ourselves, try something new and make a difference. Any small business owner knows that you never give up, you never give in and you never stop going after your DREAM!

The clients that have sought out our services have come because they truly appreciate “Quality Care”. By allowing much more time for dental hygiene appointments we develop a trusting relationship with each other.  It also allows us to take the time to get to know individual wants and needs. Guiding and educating is a key component in our practice.

We take pride in providing the highest standards of preventive, quality oral health care while integrating "oral health" with "total health" .   Quite honestly our clients have taught us to strive to be better every day.

"Thank you" to all our clients for letting us share our strengths and our talents with you. Your trust and devotion is very much appreciated.